As A Lifelong Resident Of Boston,

I have seen how our city has changed and how that change has left some residents behind. But, I also see an alternative as we move ahead – a future where we live as a stronger community and seize opportunities for meaningful change together. I believe that the success of my own family and the success of our district are one in the same. As a husband, father, seasoned negotiator, and accomplished coalition-builder, my experiences provide me with the skills that will engage our community and successfully navigate city government. My goal is to unravel the systemic barriers that have long prevented our neighborhoods from reaching their full potential. Specifically, I will lead in the pursuit of access to livable wages, enhancing housing affordability and stability, supporting world class public education, and increasing public safety within our neighborhoods.

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District 7 Can Achieve More And Be More For Everyone.

Join me as your candidate for City Council in creating a stronger, healthier, more equitable community.

Contact me to learn how your support can make a difference.

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